How to do well by doing good – or what I am grateful for this holiday season

This Holiday season our company delivered close to 250 holiday meals door to door to people in need. We got hugs, laughter, saw tears of joy and in general had an amazing time!

One specific tenant had tears in his eyes, and told us that he had gone to the shelter to try to get a meal for his family, yet they were out of meals and so he thought he would be without a meal this ThanksGiving. It felt really good being able to make a small difference in this Families life.

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Conquering your fears & pushing outside of your comfort zone

I have this little rule in life to pick and do something every year that either really scares me or is at least definitely quite a bit outside of my comfort zone. Things that I thought would be often times either “impossible” or at the very least to scary for me.

Over the years this included learning to do a split between 2 chairs after being inspired by seeing Jean-Claude VanDamme do that in most of his movies and catching myself thinking that there is no way I can possibly learn to do that (at that point I could not even reach my shins when trying to do a forward bend). Learning to do a standing backflip Continue reading

The word “Impossible” or Get off your butt! Whats your excuse?

Here is another big issue that has been on my mind a lot.

Why do some people let circumstances in life beat them down, while others rise above their circumstances and create a life they always dreamed of for themselves?

Whats holding back one person but not the other one? Both grown up under same circumstances? Why do some people just passively accept their “fate” without trying to do everything they can to overcome their hardships?  I don’t have these answer’s and am still looking for the answers myself, the one thing I know for sure, we ALL have the same potential to overcome adversity!  Continue reading

How do you spend your time? Action vs. Priorities

Action expresses priorities – Ghandi

Do you have any regrets on how you spend your time? Are you doing the things that matter the most to you in life? If so, this article is NOT for you:) You fall into the category of the few that live life I accordance with their priorities. For the rest of us, the ones who strive to get to the things we want to do by often doing things that we do not enjoy — this article is for you:) In my opinion life is pretty simple…

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Party time! Or why I stopped drinking alcohol:)

Its party time! You get a few drinks with buddies, you dance the night away, you get some more drinks, everyone is high on “life” with some extra kick from alcohol, everyone is “happy” smiling, CHEERS and smiles and high fives continue all through the night. Most of the conversations are a blur, the most meaningful thing that comes out is some twisted “I really love you bro” or something along those lines… Next morning you wake up, head hurts, mental capacity is at 10% for at least a day if not more Continue reading

Working out as a great metaphor for life’s challenges

I am a huge fan of working things out on my own without mentors, psychiatrists, doctors etc. Part stubborn, part curious if I can, part stupid I assume:)

Either way – one of my favorite discoveries was that while I was not able to work through my emotional problems, fears etc. through just logic and thinking about them…. I WAS able to work on my body without any problems really (other than some pain, lots of will power and dedication.) Continue reading

Values – or the “nonsense” we learn since birth

Now here comes a big one…. Values we are “sold on” by observing our parents, teachers, other kids, peers, authority figures etc.

Why sold on? Because it is almost like this mass hypnosis where everyone agrees on what is to be considered valuable – and in order to protect their own mental and emotional structures in life – they convey to everyone else that this is whats important in life. Continue reading