Party time! Or why I stopped drinking alcohol:)

Its party time! You get a few drinks with buddies, you dance the night away, you get some more drinks, everyone is high on “life” with some extra kick from alcohol, everyone is “happy” smiling, CHEERS and smiles and high fives continue all through the night. Most of the conversations are a blur, the most meaningful thing that comes out is some twisted “I really love you bro” or something along those lines… Next morning you wake up, head hurts, mental capacity is at 10% for at least a day if not more Continue reading

Working out as a great metaphor for life’s challenges

I am a huge fan of working things out on my own without mentors, psychiatrists, doctors etc. Part stubborn, part curious if I can, part stupid I assume:)

Either way – one of my favorite discoveries was that while I was not able to work through my emotional problems, fears etc. through just logic and thinking about them…. I WAS able to work on my body without any problems really (other than some pain, lots of will power and dedication.) Continue reading

Values – or the “nonsense” we learn since birth

Now here comes a big one…. Values we are “sold on” by observing our parents, teachers, other kids, peers, authority figures etc.

Why sold on? Because it is almost like this mass hypnosis where everyone agrees on what is to be considered valuable – and in order to protect their own mental and emotional structures in life – they convey to everyone else that this is whats important in life. Continue reading

This is for the poor man’s/women’s mentality

Now this is a post that may not resonate with a lot of people – but has been on my mind a lot due to my personal background.

Growing up very poor and wearing not second-hand but THIRD hand clothes (second-hand clothes hand-me downs:) – I went through an interesting relationship with materialistic things especially when it came to clothing. Continue reading