Conquering your fears & pushing outside of your comfort zone

I have this little rule in life to pick and do something every year that either really scares me or is at least definitely quite a bit outside of my comfort zone. Things that I thought would be often times either “impossible” or at the very least to scary for me.

Over the years this included learning to do a split between 2 chairs after being inspired by seeing Jean-Claude VanDamme do that in most of his movies and catching myself thinking that there is no way I can possibly learn to do that (at that point I could not even reach my shins when trying to do a forward bend). Learning to do a standing backflip after being terrified of jumping backwards. Sky diving. Teaching myself how to ride and race motorcycles. Improv Comedy. Riding a Unicycle. Walking on a slack-line (tight rope walking). Rock climbing up vertical cliffs hundreds of feet tall (after having had a fear of heights).

Each fear that I overcame brought me closer to my “true self”. The part of me that lives with passion and purpose. Each conquered fear made me more resilient to new fears.

I found that just like any other muscle – working on fears, made my “Over comig fear muscle” a lot stronger.  So with time it became easier and easier – as you build reference points that show you that: “no, you will not die if you try this within some safe boundaries”.

I have been very pleasantly surprised by how wonderfully these skills then transfer to other areas in your life. Relationships, business etc.

Of course on the other hand you have this “muscle” weakening like any other muscle that does not get worked out, and your fears just get firmer lodged in your brain and create barriers in your life to do the things you really would love to do but are afraid of.

And I am not speaking of normal fears that exist to protect us from dangerous situations. I am speaking of irrational fears that exist purely in our mind due to either trauma or some deeply held beliefs.

What fears have you overcome?  What are you still scared off? Would it feel better getting rid of some long held fears? What do you want to try before you die? What would you do if you had no fears?

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