Priorities in life – or Wealth vs. Health

What to do when you want to build a huge business which may happen at the expense of the other things in life that actually really matter more?

I was conflicted for a while between building a much bigger venture then ever before (before this I was building smaller companies, while working from home, spending time with my wife, seeing my kids grow up, spending time with friends, exercising etc.). But started wondering if I had given up on realizing my own fullest entrepreneurial potential in work and business.

I felt that I should not give up on my dreams just because I had family and kids…. yet everyone was telling me how I would need to work 120 hour weeks in order to make something huge happen. I was very conflicted about this issue – since I always tried hard to focus on work life balance (not always successfully I might add). I ultimately asked myself the following questions that brough incredible clarity to this issue – which now in hind-sight seems like a no-brainer – yet back then was giving me really a lot of trouble…The most basic questions I asked myself were:1) If offered a lot of money as a lump sum payment right now – Would I “trade” my family for 100 million dollars? Or even a Billion or more? OF COURSE NOT:)

2) If someone told me I could have a large sum of money right now – but I would be bed ridden for the rest of my life – would I do it? OF COURSE NOT! (excluding trillion dollar+ amounts where the money may actually do so much good that I would seriously consider about giving up my health in exchange for helping so many other people) –

So given that I am not willing to do it now, why in the world would I be potentially risking to give these things up over the next 5-10 years? I look at a lot of people who have attained huge financial success or fame, yet have terrible health and/or relationships to show for it. It’s not worth it in my opinion to choose one over the other. Just because you tell yourself that “It will only be for a few years and then I will have the freedom to spend time with family and friends, and take care of my health etc.” – does not mean that this is actually going to happen.

I love how Tim Ferriss talks about the 4 hour workweek – and building enough “passive cashflow” to pay for a cool lifestyle of mini retirements as he calls them – but what will be the cost of building up that passive cashflow? Sometimes it is possible to do it quickly – but more often than not it takes a lot of time… what would you be potentially giving up during that time?

Not to mention that I asked myself some serious questions on how much is enough? How much does one really need? What is the most optimal return on my time investment as it relates to fostering even more happiness in my life – in ALL areas of life.

This left me with only one logical conclusion…. I will work on building a huge company while also taking care of my health, relationships etc. and either I will succeed building this huge company and I will be a tremendous success because I have it all – or I will not succeed at the task and I will STILL be a huge success since I will have followed my dream while also keeping and nurturing the things that matter most in life, Family, Health and Friends.

This way I think it is possible to have your cake and eat it too!

Now let’s go eat some cake people!

2 thoughts on “Priorities in life – or Wealth vs. Health

  1. Thanks Theo this article helps put life in perspective and helps clear space for total freedom, creativity and flow; all prerequisites for our truest values to show forth into the world. After all, there is power in a question In the question you are asking yourself which has also been languages a slightly different way asked by a wise Spiritual Elder, “What good is it for man to gain the world but lose his soul?”

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