How to do well by doing good – or what I am grateful for this holiday season

This Holiday season our company delivered close to 250 holiday meals door to door to people in need. We got hugs, laughter, saw tears of joy and in general had an amazing time!

One specific tenant had tears in his eyes, and told us that he had gone to the shelter to try to get a meal for his family, yet they were out of meals and so he thought he would be without a meal this ThanksGiving. It felt really good being able to make a small difference in this Families life.

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Values – or the “nonsense” we learn since birth

Now here comes a big oneā€¦. Values we are “sold on” by observing our parents, teachers, other kids, peers, authority figures etc.

Why sold on? Because it is almost like this mass hypnosis where everyone agrees on what is to be considered valuable – and in order to protect their own mental and emotional structures in life – they convey to everyone else that this is whats important in life. Continue reading

This is for the poor man’s/women’s mentality

Now this is a post that may not resonate with a lot of people – but has been on my mind a lot due to my personal background.

Growing up very poor and wearing not second-hand but THIRD hand clothes (second-hand clothes hand-me downs:) – I went through an interesting relationship with materialistic things especially when it came to clothing. Continue reading