Working out as a great metaphor for life’s challenges

I am a huge fan of working things out on my own without mentors, psychiatrists, doctors etc. Part stubborn, part curious if I can, part stupid I assume:)

Either way – one of my favorite discoveries was that while I was not able to work through my emotional problems, fears etc. through just logic and thinking about them…. I WAS able to work on my body without any problems really (other than some pain, lots of will power and dedication.)

And what I noticed was that the harder (within reason ) – I pushed in the physical realm of exercise, doing physical things that I was always scared to do or thought I could NEVER learn (back flip, splits between 2 chairs, sky diving, riding motorcycles at fast .. ok VERY fast speeds, jumping feet first onto improv theater stages, participating impromptu in a crowd sourced underwear modeling campaign to help fishermen in japan, learning new musical instruments, taking singing classes, taking hip hop classes to name just a few things that were completely outside of my comfort zone) – the more the other issues in life seemed to lose control over me and become smaller and simpler to deal with. Now they would not go away completely or do so on their own… yet they over time lost a lot of the initial control they had over me. Yes I would still freeze up in some situations – but much less often and would reset much quicker.

The cool thing also is that progress in the physical realm is VERY EASY to measure, unlike progress in the emotional and mental realm.

So now I made a commitment to myself to never live in fear – and thus do at least 1 thing every year that I am either very afraid off, or that is definitely very far outside of my current comfort zone.

What is outside of your comfort zone? What could you say YES to tomorrow and feel incredible about having accomplished it? Yes the big secret is that once you do go through your fear or discomfort and it looses its power over you – you feel INCREDIBLE! More alive and more in love with life!

Go do it:)

4 thoughts on “Working out as a great metaphor for life’s challenges

  1. Working out and being fit sets the tone for your life. I too, started tackling athleticism and sports as part of my challenges to overcome (physical and emotional). And when you see yourself progressing through, or even going beyond your expectation, it sets the wheel in motion; other aspects of your life start to blossom with it. Mind-Body-Life connection is truely phenomenal! Great job, Theo. I’m proud of your accomplishments and looking forward to hearing more.


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